Press Release 2022/08/19

BlueMeme launches “AGILE-DX Platform”

No-code BPM platform following BlueMeme's unique development methodology “AGILE-DX” accelerates in-house system development in Japanese companies

BlueMeme Inc. ( launches the “AGILE-DX Platform”, a no-code BPM platform designed for non-IT personnel that follows its own development methodology, “AGILE-DX”.

In recent years, the rapidly growing demand for in-house system development in Japanese companies, combined with the shortage of IT personnel, has led to an increased attention to no-code platforms targeting non-IT personnel. However, as most no-code platforms create applications by combining pre-built components, they are less flexible and are more geared towards small-scale development. Low-code platforms, on the other hand, offer the same flexibility as scratch, allowing large-scale development for a wide range of purposes, but require more specialized knowledge and are better suited to engineers.

The “AGILE-DX Platform” follows BlueMeme’s “AGILE-DX” concept, and falls between the two, combining the advantages of no-code and low-code. “AGILE-DX” is a methodology that defines a method of requirements definition that is lacking in the generally used agile methodology. It separates requirements that are likely to change (e.g. business processes and UI) from those that are less likely to change (e.g. data used in applications such as employee information), thereby minimizing the increase in development man-hours associated with changes to requirements and enabling large-scale agile development.

The “AGLIE-DX Platform” uses no-code to build the UI and business processes, enabling development by non-IT personnel who understand the actual operations, while the underlying data-related design uses low-code. This makes development simpler and quicker than low-code products and more flexible than existing no-code products.

BlueMeme introduces the “AGILE-DX Platform” as a solution to encourage business users to actively participate in system development and to further accelerate the in-house system development.

“AGILE-DX Platform” product details

About BlueMeme Inc.

BlueMeme was the first company in Japan to introduce OutSystems, a low-code development platform in 2012, and has been at the forefront of the Japanese low-code development market. BlueMeme utilizes its own development methodology, “AGILE-DX”, which combines low-code technology with agile methods. With the aim of contributing to the international competitiveness of Japanese companies, BlueMeme supports the in-house system development and DX of its customers through unique entrusted development, consulting and training. BlueMeme, company code “4069.T”, has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2021.

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