Press Release 2022/08/12

BlueMeme will jointly launch the “Digital Labor Service” with MKI in FY2023

Through the expansion of its automation domain and knowledge-intensive system development, BlueMeme aims to become a leading company in the low-code business on the international market

BlueMeme Inc. ( develops software that enables the expansion of automation areas in low-code system development and plans to jointly provide a “Digital Labor Service” in 2023 with Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. (“MKI”,, wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.).

The shortage of engineers has been a bottleneck in conventional system development, and both companies recognize that even in low-code development, which enables development with a reduced workforce, there is an urgent need to establish an organizational structure that meets the rapidly increasing demand for in-house system development driven by the accelerating DX (Digital Transformation) trend.

In addition, there are issues related to the use of low-code technology in the system development. For example, even if code generation is automated and programming is no longer required, it is still necessary to prepare application models describing the structure of the application. In some cases, test automation tools are used to improve test quality, but this also causes problems such as increased human effort in creating test scripts. In other words, while the use of low-code technology has increased efficiency in terms of design and coding alone, it leaves a lot of room for improvement in the entire system development process.

“Digital Labor” refers to AI-based virtual workers, and BlueMeme and MKI will jointly promote the “Digital Labor Service” as one of the solutions to the above issues. This will extend the automation domain by having AI-equipped software carry out tasks that have previously been handled manually.

Through this development, BlueMeme plans to automate the generation of business models and low-code design, as well as the design of test cases and the generation of test data and test scripts. This will result in further efficiency and productivity gains in low-code system development.

The “Digital Labor Service” aims to increase the productivity of BlueMeme Group and MKI engineers and to deliver high-quality systems to customers quickly. Part of the service is ready for use on a trial basis, and after trials on actual projects during FY2022, full-scale provision is planned from FY2023 onwards. BlueMeme also plans to gradually add more digital labor in the future to extend the automation domain.

BlueMeme and MKI aim to transform systems development from labor-intensive to knowledge-intensive through a shift towards digital business, and to build an organization that can respond quickly to more and larger projects.

About BlueMeme Inc

BlueMeme was the first company in Japan to introduce OutSystems, a low-code development platform in 2012, and has been at the forefront of the Japanese low-code development market. BlueMeme utilizes its own development methodology, AGILE-DX, which combines low-code technology with agile methods. With the aim of contributing to the international competitiveness of Japanese companies, BlueMeme supports the in-house system development and DX of its customers through unique entrusted development, consulting and training. BlueMeme, company code “4069.T”, has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2021.

About Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd.

Under the slogan “Unite Knowledge, Ignite the Future”, Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. (MKI) has been creating IT strategies and supporting the digital transformation of its clients as their strategic business partner specializing mainly in information and communication technology. By utilizing its wealth of “KNOWLEDGE” accumulated through its long experience in technological development and innovation continuing for over half a century, MKI remains consistent in its pursuit to live up to the high expectations of its customers as their most reliable “value creator”.

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